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With our online estate auctions site, CTBIDS, shoppers can browse estate sales in the Mill Creek area and nationwide. By bidding online, shoppers can find treasures that are difficult to find elsewhere and families can get the greatest return on their estate sale.

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Online Auctions, with the Estate Sale Experience

For over a decade, CTBIDS has brought estate sales online. Bidding starts at $1, allowing bidders to find unique and everyday treasures for a great value. Clients downsizing or transitioning to new homes benefit from a broader audience interested in purchasing their items. Book a consultation today or visit CTBIDS to browse our online estate auctions.



Set up an Online Estate Sale Through Caring Transitions of Mill Creek, Everett & Snohomish's Innovative CTBIDS Platform

Explore how you can set up an online auction in Mill Creek, WA and the surrounding areas

Caring Transitions is a nationally recognized company that specializes in high-quality assistance with relocations, downsizing, estate sales, and online estate auctions. Organizing an online estate auction is a fantastic option for clients who live far away or who are short on time but still need to liquidate a loved one's estate.

What Is CTBIDS and How Does It Work?

We meet with clients and conduct free in-home consultations before launching online estate auctions. Our representatives will walk you through the process and help you appraise all of the items you want to sell on our platform. We can even photograph and list each item for a client if necessary. There is nothing else the client needs to do after the inventory is uploaded! Clients do not have to take time off work or disrupt their regular routine to oversee a traditional estate sale, which is a very convenient setup.

Pricing Options for CTBIDS

Instead of being forced to sell your items through a single method, you can choose from the following selling options on our site:

  • Auction – In this traditional method of auctioning, you list your item and then let the bidders handle the rest until the item is claimed by the highest bidder.
  • Fixed Price - If you want to avoid the bidding process entirely, you can simply set a fixed price and sell the item to the first buyer.
  • Classified ad – You can use classified ads to increase interest in your online estate auctions by displaying images, descriptions, prices, and shipping costs for specific items. Just remember to take down the ad once the items have been sold.
  • Buy Now - All buy now items are available for immediate purchase at a pre-determined, non-negotiable price, similar to the fixed price option.
  • Reserve – Use this option if you don't want to sell your item until a certain price has been reached. This allows you to set your expected price behind the scenes, hidden from view of bidders. You can either restart the auction or offer the object to the highest bidder if an auction ends without a sale.

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Call our Mill Creek office at 425-539-0045 to learn more about the advantages of running online estate auctions with us and to set up your free consultation to get started with your own CTBIDS account today!

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